Fernlea Orthopaedics

Price Guide

We aim to offer an affordable, realistically priced referral service, and also provide peace of mind for clients by agreeing fully inclusive estimates prior to surgery.

Examples of current prices for some frequently performed procedures are illustrated below:

Cranial cruciate ligament rupture:

from £1680 + VAT (small breed)
to £2750 + VAT (giant breed)

Lateral suture:
from £900 + VAT

Fracture repair with wires:

from £925 + VAT

Fracture repair with bone plate:

from £1250 + VAT
(simple fracture, small patient)

to £2400 + VAT
(complex fracture, large patient)

Stabilisation of hip luxation:

£1100 - £1400 + VAT

Correction of patella luxation:

£1200 - £1500 + VAT


£2200 + VAT Approx
All prices are fully inclusive of consultation, general anaesthesia, radiographs, dressings and medications.

Insurance claims

Direct insurance claims can be arranged, and we do not make a charge for the administration of any claims.

However, it is essential that direct insurance
claims or finance arrangements are authorised prior to referral.

This can involve some delay if insurance companies request a pro forma. If authorisation has not been granted at the time of treatment then payment will be required in full, and we will then complete the claim for the client as swiftly as possible.

Low cost finance

We are able to offer flexible, low-cost finance (subject to approval), if clients would struggle to pay for a procedure in full at the time of collection

This credit agreement has an APR of 9.9%. As an example, this equates to a cost of £44 to borrow and repay £1000 over 12 months.

Clients wishing to arrange this finance will be credit checked by the provider prior to the loan being authorised, so it is essential to arrange this in advance of the surgery.There is also a fixed arrangement fee of 50